Holiday Molded

Holiday Molded

Easter molded – 100’s of Easter molds to choose from along with foiled eggs, jelly beans and hand dipped peeps.  These are just a few samples of what we have to offer.  Also, check out our everyday molded section.
Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, St. Patrick’s & Valentine’s Day
Great ideas for favors, gifts or stocking stuffers.

This is just a sampling of what we have to offer.
Please call early to place larger quantity orders or if you have any questions.

Thanksgiving Turkeys

Dimensional Holiday Molds in milk chocolate.

Standing Turkey 7oz. $8.75 each
Standing Turkey 2.5oz. $3.50 each



Chocolate Turkey $1.75oz. $1.75 each
Turkey Flats – Milk or Dark $17.95 per pound


Fall Leaf Flats

Milk or dark bite size chocolate pieces.

$17.95 per pound

Christmas Flats

Milk, dark or orange bite size chocolate pieces.

$17.95 per pound


Milk Chocolate Foiled Bells
8oz. Bag $7.50 each
Reindeer 2.25oz. $2.25 each
Toy Soldier 1.25oz. $1.40 each
Merry Christmas Card $1.50 each
Waving Santa 1.5oz. $1.55 each


Gold & Silver Foiled Balls 8oz. Bag $7.50 each
Snowman 1.5oz. $1.55 each 
Flat Snowman 1.25oz. $1.40 each 


 Dark Chocolate Bat 1.75oz. – $1.75
Milk chocolate pumpkin sucker 1oz. – $1.25
Milk chocolate pumpkin 1oz. – $1.25
Milk chocolate ghost 1oz. – $1.25


Trick or treat witch 1oz. – $1.25
Vampire teeth .75oz. – $1.00
Ghost holding pumpkin 1oz. – $1.25
Skull 1.25 oz. – $1.40

Halloween Flats

Milk or Dark bite size chocolate pieces.

$17.95 per pound

 Foiled Chocolate Eggs  

 Available in Milk or Dark 

8oz. Bag – $7.50 each

 Jelly Beans

Available in Fruit, Spice or Licorice
$3.95 /lb.


Easter Peanut Butter Miniatures


 Chocolate Dipped Peeps

 Hand dipped in either Milk or Dark Chocolate
$.85 each


Easter Molds  

                Bunny Ears .75oz. – $1.00 each                     Happy Easter Egg 1oz. – $1.25 each             Bunny with Carrot 1oz. – $1.25 each            Cross 1oz. – $1.25 each

Chocolate Miniatures  

Available in Milk, Dark, Orange or White

 Easter Molds

Bunny with Top Hat 2oz. – $2.00 each      Sitting Bunny 1.5oz. – $1.55 each               Bunny Sucker 1oz. – $1.25 each 

 Bunny Sucker available in milk, dark or orange

Easter Mold

Sitting Rabbit 4oz.
Milk, Dark or White

$4.00 each

St. Patrick’s Day

Clover  1oz. $1.25 each
Shamrock Flats $17.95/lb.

Gold Foiled Coins $.40 each


Milk Chocolate Foiled Hearts
8oz. Bag  $7.50 each


Personalized Hearts

2oz. – 3.25″ W – $3.00 each

4oz. – 4.5″ W – $5.00 each

8oz. – 5.5″ W – $9.00 each

16oz. 7.5″ W – $16.00 each

milk or dark chocolate 
Heart Flat Boxes

4oz. – $5.00 each
12oz. – $14.00 each

Available in milk, dark or orange chocolate

Hearts with Border

1.25oz. – $1.50 each

2.5oz. – $2.50 each

Valentine Bar

1oz. – $1.50 each


3/4oz. Heart Sucker – $1.00 each

1.5oz. Smile Heart Sucker – $1.55 each

1oz. Happy Valentine’s Day Card – $1.95 each