Holiday Molded


Easter molded – 100’s of Easter molds to choose from along with foiled eggs, jelly beans and hand dipped peeps.  These are just a few samples of what we have to offer.  Also, check out our everyday molded section.
Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, St. Patrick’s & Valentine’s Day
Great ideas for favors, gifts or stocking stuffers.

This is just a sampling of what we have to offer.
Please call early to place larger quantity orders or if you have any questions.


Milk Chocolate Foiled Hearts
8oz. Bag  $7.50 each


Personalized Hearts

2oz. – 3.25″ W – $3.00 each

4oz. – 4.5″ W – $5.00 each

8oz. – 5.5″ W – $9.00 each

16oz. 7.5″ W – $16.00 each

milk or dark chocolate 
Heart Flat Boxes

4oz. – $5.25 each
12oz. – $14.95 each

Available in milk, dark or orange chocolate

Hearts with Border

1.25oz. – $1.50 each

2.5oz. – $2.50 each

Valentine Bar

1oz. – $1.50 each


3/4oz. Heart Sucker – $1.00 each

1.5oz. Smile Heart Sucker – $1.55 each

1oz. Happy Valentine’s Day Card – $1.95 each

St. Patrick’s Day

Clover  1oz. $1.25 each
Shamrock Flats $17.95/lb.

Gold Foiled Coins $.40 each

Thanksgiving Turkeys

Dimensional Holiday Molds in milk chocolate.

Standing Turkey 7oz. $8.75 each
Standing Turkey 2.5oz. $3.50 each



Chocolate Turkey $1.75oz. $1.75 each
Turkey Flats – Milk or Dark $17.95 per pound


Fall Leaf Flats

Milk or dark bite size chocolate pieces.

$17.95 per pound

Christmas Flats

Milk, dark or orange bite size chocolate pieces.

$17.95 per pound


Milk Chocolate Foiled Bells
8oz. Bag $7.50 each
Reindeer 2.25oz. $2.25 each
Toy Soldier 1.25oz. $1.40 each
Merry Christmas Card $1.50 each
Waving Santa 1.5oz. $1.55 each


Gold & Silver Foiled Balls 8oz. Bag $7.50 each
Snowman 1.5oz. $1.55 each 
Flat Snowman 1.25oz. $1.40 each 


 Dark Chocolate Bat 1.75oz. – $1.75
Milk chocolate pumpkin sucker 1oz. – $1.25
Milk chocolate pumpkin 1oz. – $1.25
Milk chocolate ghost 1oz. – $1.25


Trick or treat witch 1oz. – $1.25
Vampire teeth .75oz. – $1.00
Ghost holding pumpkin 1oz. – $1.25
Skull 1.25 oz. – $1.40

Halloween Flats

Milk or Dark bite size chocolate pieces.

$17.95 per pound

 Foiled Chocolate Eggs  

 Available in Milk or Dark 

8oz. Bag – $7.50 each

 Jelly Beans

Available in Fruit, Spice or Licorice
$3.95 /lb.


Easter Peanut Butter Miniatures


 Chocolate Dipped Peeps

 Hand dipped in either Milk or Dark Chocolate
$.85 each


Easter Molds  

                Bunny Ears .75oz. – $1.00 each                     Happy Easter Egg 1oz. – $1.25 each             Bunny with Carrot 1oz. – $1.25 each            Cross 1oz. – $1.25 each

Chocolate Miniatures  

Available in Milk, Dark, Orange or White

 Easter Molds

Bunny with Top Hat 2oz. – $2.00 each      Sitting Bunny 1.5oz. – $1.55 each               Bunny Sucker 1oz. – $1.25 each 

 Bunny Sucker available in milk, dark or orange

Easter Mold

Sitting Rabbit 4oz.
Milk, Dark or White

$4.00 each