Exclusive Buffalo Themed Treats


Buffalo Blocks sponge candy
Sponge Candy

1.1 oz Buffalo Blocks sponge candy (3 pcs)


Sponge Candy

8 oz. Sponge Candy – available in Milk, Dark or Orange Chocolate

$10.50 each

8oz Sponge Candy
Chocolate Buffalo Nickel

3/4 oz. 3″ foiled chocolate Buffalo Nickel

$1.00 each

Chocolate Buffalo and Chocolate Buffalo Sucker

1 oz. Chocolate Buffalo Sucker

1.75 oz. Chocolate Buffalo

Chocolate Buffalo
Herd of Buffalo

3 oz. Herd of Buffalo
12 pieces


Herd of Buffalo
Taste of Buffalo

1.5 oz. Taste of Buffalo
5 pieces


Buffalo Blend coffee pouch

A local favorite premium coffee

Buffalo Blend coffee
Chicken Wing Box

Chocolate Chicken Wings with White Chocolate Dip

9 oz. – $10.50

A Sweet Taste
of Buffalo Basket

The perfect Buffalo gift includes Buffalo’s famous chocolate sponge candy, chocolate drizzled popcorn, Buffalo coffee, custom Buffalo cocktail napkins and Buffalo shaped chocolate pieces. 

Buffalo Basket
Chocolate Laced Popcorn
Chocolate Laced Popcorn

Popcorn drizzled in milk chocolate.

Bag    4oz.   $5.95

Small canister   8 oz.  $12.95

Large canister  19 oz.  $24.50

Buffalo Gift Mug

A ceramic mug, deep etched with our classic Buffalo logo, filled with a chocolate Buffalo sucker, a three-piece sponge candy sampler and a cocoa packet.


Buffalo Gift Mug
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